IOS class to add react-native implementation for web audio urls(look at AVPlayer documentation for audio compatibility). Tested using mp3 urls.

Add it to your project

  1. Run 'npm install react-native-ios-network-audio --save'
  2. Add .h and .m files to "your_project_name" folder in XCode and restart application
  3. var audio = require('react-native').NativeModules.RNAudioPlayerURL;

Basic usage

//To initialize the audio clip

//To retrieve the length of the clip in seconds as a float
audio.getDuration((duration) => {
	//do what you need with duration variable
	var minutes = Math.floor(duration/60);
	var seconds = Math.ceil((duration/60 - minutes) * 60);
	this.setState({minutes: minutes, seconds: seconds, totalSeconds: duration});

//To play audio clip;

//To pause audio clip

New Additions

  1. Audio will automatically set time to zero once it has reached the end
  2. New Function to seek to a certain time in the audio clip
//Listen for audio end
var {NativeAppEventEmmiter} = require('react-native');
var subscription = NativeAppEventEmitter.addListener(
	(trigger) => {console.log(trigger.event)};

//To seek to a specific time in seconds

Added at: 2017/03/19
Owner: pwbrown
Category: other
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Version: 0.0.9

Add to your project

npm i --save react-native-ios-network-audio
yarn add react-native-ios-network-audio